👋🏾 I am a Senegalese artist, designer, and curator based in Dakar.

My practice is often a conversation between physical and digital mediums, by way of artificial intelligence and also utilising analog image-making tools. I explore the social construction of power and the cultural implications of how it’s distributed. 

As a curator, I am passionate about decolonizing art and design, and creating spaces where marginalised creators have agency in their practice. I am a guest curator at SuperRare Labs, and have curated shows with Refraction DAO and the VERSEverse.

I am the founder of CyberBaat, an on-chain collective of artists of African descent in web3. We support our members with the platform to grow their creative careers on the blockchain in ways that serve them and their communities.  


︎︎︎ Museum of Newfangled Art, 2021
︎︎︎ Art X Lagos, 2021 
︎︎︎ Art Basel Miami, 2021
︎︎︎ Fort NFT Gallery, 2021 
︎︎︎ Artsy NFT, 2022
︎︎︎ Iamnotart, 2022 
︎︎︎ Art Dubai, 2022  

Feature collections:

︎︎︎ World of Women Artdrop, 2021
︎︎︎ Metaart Club collection, 2021
︎︎︎ Artano Apeirogon, 2021
︎︎︎ World of Women Women’s History Month, 2022
︎︎︎ The Flip S3E9, 2022
︎︎︎ Objkt.com Ukraine Fundraiser, 2022
︎︎︎ DoingGud Divine Feminine, 2022
︎︎︎ SuperRare Black*Rare, 2022


︎︎︎ Artsy Editorial 
︎︎︎ Vertical Crypto Art 
︎︎︎ Nataal 
︎︎︎ The Art Newspaper
︎︎︎ SuperRare Editorial 


︎︎︎ Even by design / Config, 2021
︎︎︎ Unlocking the creator economy with NFTs / Digital Art Fair Asia, 2021
︎︎︎ Metaverse ethics / NYU Tisch, Big Ideas: Technoethics, 2021 
︎︎︎ Foundation
︎︎︎ SuperRare
︎︎︎ Hicetnunc
︎︎︎ KnownOrigin
︎︎︎ OpenSea
︎︎︎ Rarible 
︎︎︎ Artano
︎︎︎ Artzine