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Museum of Newfangled Art ︎︎Biennal
AUG—SEP 2021

The 2021 Mowna Online Biennial is an exhibit of an international pool of 100 artists selected from 44 countries gathered through a free call for submissions process that ran from January through March of 2021. Mowna's largest show to date, the Biennial includes all forms of art made from 2019 to 2021, inviting artists to consider new ways to exhibit their work online and how their artworks translate best through Mowna's digital platform.

The Zine / ARTZINE Editorial
JAN—FEB 2021

The Zine is a voice for artists and a celebration of the richness and diversity of contemporary culture which features one artist a month. For this feature, I wrote an editorial piece︎︎ and presented a selection of my paintings.

Best Of The Week / ARTCONNECT Feature
JAN 2021

ArtConnect is a digital platform which showcases emerging contemporary artists from around the world.

Even by design / FIGMA 
APR 2021

Even by Design is a newsletter and figma toolkit which offers content, tangible tools for designers of color to decolonize the design space. It debuted at the Config 2021 conference, where I was one of this year’s speakers. The video of the talk can be accessed here, the toolkit here, and the newsletter here.


Vertical Crypto Art Residency
JUL—SEP 2021

The Vertical Crypto Art residency is the first residency program for artists in the NFT space. As one of the 12 artists selected for the inaugural class, I attended lectures and tutorials introducing to several aspects of the metaverse: VR exhibitions, 3D modelling, coding with TouchDesigner, etc. The second half of the residency was focused on creating artworks using some of the new knowledge acquired during the residency.

School For Poetic Computation
JUL—AUG 2021

I attended a selective 5-week program at SFPC introducing me to using AR/VR in my creative process. The course was lead by computational artist, and reknowned NFT artist, Zach Liebermann.


SEP 2021—NOW

Cyber Baat is an artist DAO which organizes physical NFT shows and introductory workshops to NFTs in Africa. Through its shows, collection, and exclusive NFT drops by artists in the DAO, Cyber Baat aims to funnel investment toward ambitious projects by creators of African descent.

Experience Designer / REAL
MAR—SEP 2021

Real is a VC-backed startup looking to decentralize access to mental health care. As experience designer in the content team, I am responsible for researching the experience of users with mental health content on our platforms, and designing experiments to test new content features.

Design Lead / IDEO.ORG
JAN 2019—MAR 2021

As a design lead at IDEO.ORG, a global design agency, I managed teams of designers through the design process for topics ranging from health, gender, education, and spatial design. I specialized in design research and interaction design projects in East and West Africa.

Visual and Interaction Designer / FREELANCE
JAN 2018—JAN 2019

As a freelance visual and interaction designer, I designed brands, visual assets, as well as web and mobile applications. Former clients have included: (1) Udacity, an online learning platform; Eneza Education, a mobile-based learning platform; (2) Wutiko, a recruitment and job placement platform; (3) Ajua, an analytics firm.

UX Lead & Learning Designer / ALU
JAN 2015—JAN 2018

As a learning designer at ALU, I co-developed the first Data and Decisions and African Studies courses. As the UX lead, I worked on developing and running research experiments to assess the impact of our newly developed learning model on students and faculty.

Business Associate / GOOGLE  
JUN 2014—JAN 2015

As a business associate at the Dakar office of Google, I worked on a partnership between Senegalese street artists and the Google Cultural Institute. I organized a digital exhibit of their works on the Cultural Institute platform which was launched during a private viewing party with Google executives in Dakar.