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We only had the national TV program at home growing up which started in the morning and ended in the afternoon. The rest of the time, the screen played a faint beep over SMPTE colour bands. I would sit and stare at it thinking that if I stared long enough, something would happen. The world moved around me as I sat there absorbing the colours.
This body of work, Sandwyrm Errors, has particular significance to me because so much of my childhood took place while watching SMPTE bands. Most times I watched in silence, sometimes I hummed to the beep, or even did my homework in front of it. Adult conversations and quarrels seeped through my consciousness as this happened.
I wanted to reimagine the SMPTE bands to thank them for filling so much of my day, and being my inadvertent introduction to digital design. There are 24 pieces in this collection: 3 animations on Foundation, 6 experiments sold privately on Opensea, and 15 stills on Hicetnunc.