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The Sereer people were able to save humanity from the Climate Collapse of 2150 by developing a symbiotic relationship with a goliath fungus they refer to as 'wyrm'. Wyrms only mate once for a period of 24 hours. The byproducts of their ritual can terraform an entire planet, with a little help from traditional Sereer healers.

During this 24-hour window, wyrms produce enzymes in their digestive tracks that allow them to synthesize pollutants into a fluorescent mucus with a gel-like texture.
This mucus is then harvested by a healer using a musical incantation performed on a preserved Kora from the 20th century. Once the mucus is harvested, it is synthesized into water using an ancient divination herb smoked since the dawn of time by the Sereer people. During the mating ritual, warms also shed their skin which sprouts plants and weeds as it decomposes.

The symbiosis of humans and wyrms is the only reason Planet Earth survived the Climate Collapse.
As a result, the Sereer people developed The Pangool, an inter-planetary guild, called The Pangool, which trains healers from different countries in their ancient ways. The Pangool organizes missions to license terraforming wyrms to uninhabitable planets.

In this mission, Yandé holds the pipe and Roog Holds the Kora.


START -------

COMMAND 01 // Genesis Incantation

Peace be upon you, planet Siga Y06-2X7. We have come to respond to your call. We bear water and weeds. Do you wish to be relieved of your suffering?

COMMAND:Siga Y06-2X7 // [accepted, proceed]

COMMAND 02 // Offering

Our way is the way of the circle. We pay reverence to the realms of existence, non-existence, and to cycles that bind them. We do not create, we do not destroy; we maintain and we repair.

We hear your suffering, we see your pain in the vast seas of dunes that cover your surface. Yet we understand that what is your suffering, may be another's bounty.

We have brought you wyrms, gentle goliaths who require sand and rotten air to reproduce, leaving water, grass, weeds, flowers, and seeds at the end of each cycle. This is our offering to you. Do you still wish to be relieved of your suffering?

COMMAND:Siga Y06-2X7 // [accepted, proceed]

COMMAND 03 // Confirm Connection:node 1

Thank you for the gift to be of service. Before we start the ritual, do you accept to care for the wyrms as your guests? Do you accept the way of the circle, to never create or destroy but to maintain and to repair henceforth?

COMMAND:Siga Y06-2X7 // [pledged, proceed]

COMMAND 04 // Confirm Connection:node 1

In the name of life, we offer you Siga Y06-2X7, wyrms. May her dunes be your hearth. May you be gentle as wind and persistent as water. May your legacy live on forever.

COMMAND:Wyrms_Sodjé_Tribe_CX2 // [accepted, connect]

COMMAND 05 // Initiate Genesis Sequence

------- END



Roog: Shit! I forgot to tune my kora. I was supposed to be off-duty.

Yandé: Me too. We have had more calls than usual - they must be backed up at the Pangool.

Roog: I told Fama they need to start recruiting more healers.

Yandé: Terraforma is a tough posting dude - I don't know if I wish it for more people.

Roog: Easy with the empath reframe program. You are going to fry your system.

(They both laugh.)

Roog: Seriously though, stop downloading every Pangool program they release. You can be more selective. See things for yourself and learn so you can make your own programs.

Yandé: I am not trying to be assigned to Terraforma forever. I need to keep up with the new programs for interviews. They always test on them.

Roog: I feel you, (leans in) but all I am saying is, the original program was learned ...

Yandé (interrupting): ... learned, not uploaded, whatever.

Roog: Whatever? Whatever the fuck ever?

Yandé: Goddamnit! Every time. How much is Denzel's Ancestral Trust paying you?

Roog: Free screenings baby! Every time I say it, I get to watch one of his movies for free in AR for 30 days.

Yandé: (chuckles)They will do anything to not give people tokens. Stop lecturing me on programming philosophy and start working on your tokenomics game. You are getting ripped off!

Roog: I might be, but I love the guy man. Tokens or no tokens, I can be a fan.

Yandé: Are you done yet? The last COMMAND is about to go out. I gotta get out of here in 24 hours to feed my winter moss. I don't want any delays.

Roog: You haven't started harvesting those yet? You about to be cold as hell this winter. And you'd think predictable weather patterns would help people plan better.

Yandé: Are you done or not fam?

Roog: Don't worry, Fatou can lend you some - her winter moss was on a roll this year.

Yandé: Roog!

Roog: Ok, ok, I am ready. Pipe up, Yandé-Fatma-Fatma-Coumba-Yaye.

Yandé: You no better than to speak my full name in vain.

Roog: (tauntingly) But you like it.


START -------

COMMAND 06 // Attempt 21 // Hand-Over Incantation

Peace be upon you, planet Siga Y06-2X7.

We hope you have enjoyed the past 24 hours.

COMMAND:Siga Y06-2X7 // ...

Yandé: Where the hell is she? Are we still online?

Roog: Yup.

Yandé: Do we have analogue input? I just want to make sure she is humming.

Roog: It's going to take at least 20 minutes to boot but worth a shot.

Yandé: Yeah, let's boot it up. I will automate a few more forceful commands in the meantime. Then I'll help you.

Roog: Easy on the commands, chief - don't fuck with our NPS score.

Yandé: Nobody actually checks those... right?

Yandé: (muffles herself) Guess its going to be another neon and sparkles winter for me.

Roog: What did you say about my girlfriend?

Yandé: Fatou, if you're listening, you have great taste.

Fatou: I am always listening, dear.

(They all laugh.)

Yandé: (whispering to Roog) Do y'all always have to be tethered?

Roog: (audibly to Fatu) I am going to log off for a bit love, gotta focus on booting up this ancestral piece of sh...

Fatou: Don't you dare speak heresy Roog-Manjack-Fa-Bintu-Bintu-Ñilane.

Roog: I was going to say sh-machinery. Ok bye bye.

Yandé: Yuk! Break up already.

Roog: (starts reciting porno-flowetry) Her thighs keep me warm at night. Her brain makes my ...

Yandé: (Feigning disgust) Please make it stop.

(Pauses to finish typing command while Roog continues reciting his poeam)

Yandé: Ok, commands broadcasted. Let's see the piece of shit.

(They both look at the analogue input recorder.)

Roog: (looking at Yandé) Don't do me like healing camp.

Yandé: Then work fast and no talking.

Roog: I hope you never become management.

Yandé: I hope you do.

(They both laugh).